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"The Ice is Bleeding"

"The Ice is Bleeding"


30" x 40" oil on canvas with gloss varnish finish. Hand signed and dated on back.


“The Ice is Bleeding” is a visually striking and hauntingly beautiful reflection on the effects of climate change in the earth’s arctic regions. The central glacier gleams in icy brilliance as channels of melting ice flow towards a glowing red river. Light and color fade into darkness, while the vibrant red streams stand as a stark reminder of the harm inflicted by our actions.  Plumes of smoke contrast with the black sky, symbolizing humanity’s effects on the natural environment.


Symbolism, color, and contrast come together to visualize the gravity of the climate issue in this surreal mountain landscape. It’s hard to look away. At first it seems hopeless, but all is not lost. The remaining ice reaches upwards with strength and purity and stands as a symbol of hope, awareness, and change. 


This piece is the first in an ongoing series on climate change, a topic that I have studied all my life and am incredibly passionate about. I am hopeful that humanity will come together and solve this issue through technological and scientific discovery, innovation, and a great willingness to change for the better!

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