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40" x 50" oil on stretched canvas with gloss varnish finish. Hand signed and dated on the back. Certificate of Authenticity (COA) included.


I discovered this rose on a solo trip to photograph some gardens. Traveling alone is not something I do often. Aside from my beloved studio, I almost never go places alone. 


There was only one rose in bloom. “Roses are so good at being alone” I thought at that moment. Why can’t I be? 


I walked for hours, slowly settling into myself, my body, my mind. There’s some strange power in solitude. It reveals who you truly are, almost forcing you to reflect and acknowledge it. I’ve found that it takes real boldness. 


That rose had become a symbol of solitude, so I decided to paint it. I needed it to be beautiful and bold and undeniable in its solitude. Powerful, yet quiet and confident. I hope you love it.



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