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Shaggy Ink Caps

Shaggy Ink Caps



16" x 16" oil on stretched canvas | Dream Chronicles Collection


"I simply couldn’t resist painting my impression of shaggy ink cap mushrooms. They’re practically straight out of a fairytale! In my dream world, these magical little beings release twinkling stars that shimmer as they fall until the earth embraces their light into its depths with a sense of gentle reverence. The young are often found nestled up against their mothers under the safety of her warm canopy, and their light shifts and shines through the dark forest as far as the eye can see." ~ Silver


This original will arrive with a signed and sealed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) which verifies that the painting was created by Silver. Domestic and International shipping are free with purchase. 

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    All artwork is packaged to the utmost care in order to ensure a safe delivery.

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