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Mossy Fae

Mossy Fae



16" x 16" oil on stretched canvas | Dream Chronicles Collection


"A symphony of greens cascade in the heart of the forest, each hue aglow as dappled sunlight filters through the dense spring tapestry. The very air pulses with life, an orchestra of vitality and abundance, drawing you into a world brimming with the promise of growth. Under the emerald canopy, where time seems to pause, a family of mushrooms grow from the bark of an ancient, gnarled tree. You’re drawn to their delicate forms - a vision of nature's meticulous artistry. As you come closer, the forest landscape fades into gentle obscurity and the intricate details of the natural world reveal themselves. What an awe-inspiring world we live in!" ~ Silver


This original will arrive with a signed and sealed Certificate of Authenticity (COA) which verifies that the painting was created by Silver. Domestic and International shipping are free with purchase. 

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    All artwork is packaged to the utmost care in order to ensure a safe delivery.

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