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24" x 30" oil on stretched canvas with gloss varnish finish. Hand signed and dated on the back. Certificate of Authenticity (COA) included.


It’s Germany in May, and there are tulips everywhere. Graffiti trains wind through bright yellow fields, as little rural villages open up between the misty deep green mountains. There is great magic in the sounds: tinkling brooks, gentle rain, feet crunching on gravel paths, cows bellowing softly in the distance, their bells music in the wind. There’s seeded, salted bread every morning and crisp light beer in the afternoon. Farmers markets. Graves turned to gardens. Everything old and lovely because of it. All is calm, quiet, natural…wonderful in its simplicity. 


I spent the month soaking up as much of this feeling as I could before heading back to my studio in America. I knew I had to create a painting to commemorate it. "Mayflower” is the result.


Notes: I photographed this tulip in Innsbruck, Germany towards the end of my travels throughout the country. I chose this specific bloom because of its openness, softness, and unusual petal pattern. The color palette reflects my visual experience of rural Deutschland’s landscape.

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