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24" x 30" oil on stretched canvas with gloss varnish finish. Hand signed and dated on the back. Black and silver floater frame included.


I painted “Grace” with the sole intention to evoke a feeling within you. 


As many of you may know, I paint skulls as a beautiful reminder of our own mortality. Some day, we will die, and that very fact is reason enough to live our lives to the fullest. I seek to get this message across with all of my skeletal work, but this painting takes it further. The skull peers upwards towards a white light, while vibrant green and blue succulents grow from it. There is a warm glow remaining within the skull, feeding the new life around it. To me, “Grace” evokes a gentle sense of hope. It makes me feel that each of our lives is important and provides for the generations to come. What does it evoke within you?

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