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"A Beast Inside"

"A Beast Inside"


36" x 48" oil on stretched canvas with gloss varnish finish. Framed in a gorgeous silver and black floater frame. Hand signed and dated on the back. 


“A Beast Inside” is a complicated piece, with space for many interpretations. It began with a concept, and the meaning came after. I’ve had this visual in my head for years: a gray wolf skull, the life glowing from within, and the shape of its form surrounding it. I saw the wolf in an arctic landscape, with icy blues and greens swirling like a storm behind it and flowing through its fur. 


The piece was meant to highlight the importance and beauty of these great beasts' lives. I have always had an affinity for wolves. Their patience and ferocity are motivating, while their ability to join together and accomplish as a family unit is inspiring. While I was painting the skull, however, a new meaning began to emerge. Within this wolf are the same elements that make up my own body…flesh, bones, life. We are not so different after all. We are all beautiful beasts inside.

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